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Agate Gold Coaster

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Agate Gold is unique in color and exhibits natural marbling. Some even have crystals! These "holes" are not considered damage and are a beautiful part of the natural stone.

If you do not want any crystal openings in your coaster, please leave a note at checkout to guarantee this.

The edges of each piece are electroplated (not gold leaf or gilded, which may rub off) with a beautiful thick metallic GOLD or SILVER. Also available for purchase with no plating so edges will be left natural and raw. Each coaster comes with small, clear rubber feet on the bottoms to keep the agate slices from sliding or scratching surfaces. You will receive a SIMILAR set as in the photos.

Blue agate coasters are a royal to navy blue, some with teal hues with white to light blue marbling and crystal centers. The white areas are translucent and will let light shine through. Some may have druzy centers that go all the way through.

Size: These will vary in size from approximately 3.5"-4" long by 3”-4”wide and 1⁄4” thick. They are the perfect size for drinking glasses or mugs.

Dye: All pink, purple, teal, and blue colored agates have all been dyed. While the colors should not come off or fade, we recommend washing with warm soapy water before first use.

Product Info

  • Shape: Irregular
  • Material: agate
  • Number of items: 2 pieces

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